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Let's start a list here of media pieces we get placed. Similar to this...

Tracking conference mentions on Google:
As of October 14:
Google-results of about 27,700 for search "k12 online conference 2007".
Technorati search of tag k12online07 164 hits, 1 Video

As of October 15:
Technorati, 1,900 blog mentions of
Google, search 30,000

As of October 30,

Technorati, 2,278 mentions of
Google, search over 65,000

As of November 3,

Technorati 2,370 of
Technorati search of k12online07 191 hits, 5 videos
Technorati search of k12online, 157 hits
Google search, 151,000
Google search of 36,200 "k12 online conference 2007"

1. We had a mention in NEA today

2. What others are saying about K12 Online:
Technorati: Blogs that mention K12 Online Conference

Homeschool 2.0 blog post

YouTube Response to Keynote

3. News articles online

AASL website
Technology News World -

TLA Cast (online newsletter Texas Library Association)
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