Transcript of a Skype chat between James Farmer (edublogs) and Chris B

Chat History with James Farmer | James, can I ask you a question? ]]

Created on 2007-09-08 10:00:31.


Chris Betcher: 09:53:10
James, can I ask you a question?
hehe, I just did... I meant another one...
James Farmer
v. amusing :)
no headphone though
so have to be just chat
Chris Betcher: 09:54:14
ok... I'm on the PR committee for the k12 online conference
James Farmer
Chris Betcher: 09:54:23
and we were talking about ways to promote it
James Farmer
Chris Betcher: 09:54:35
and you're a sponsor of it I think?
James Farmer
I host it :)
Chris Betcher: 09:54:46
ah ok
James Farmer
I proposed some tighter integration though
Chris Betcher: 09:55:07
can we have a chat sometime about some ideas to get the word out?
James Farmer
Well, I do, ahem, have a mailing list of 60,000 teachers...
Chris Betcher: 09:55:35
that's what i figured... ;-)
James Farmer
and gets 500K PIs a day
James Farmer
To be honest I reckon you need a few things
Chris Betcher: 09:56:00
so when you're not so busy, perhaps we can have a talk about some
ways to promote it through edublogs
James Farmer
1. Decent design / logo work
Chris Betcher: 09:56:11
James Farmer
& 2. Strong promotion through edublogs
Chris Betcher: 09:56:26
Chris Betcher: 09:56:32
James Farmer <
So what would work *really* well for us...
James Farmer
is being able to provide you with web design, graphic design,
hosting and promotion
Chris Betcher: 09:57:20
ok, well we should talk about that
James Farmer
and doing some really tight integration in terms of sponsorship
James Farmer
'brought to you by' etc.
Chris Betcher: 09:57:41
Chris Betcher: 09:57:46
i like it...
James Farmer
Almost like a partnership\
James Farmer
rather than a sponsorship
Chris Betcher: 09:58:23
how about you let me know when you have a bit of time free and we
can see what we can arrange?
James Farmer
you can save the 'sponsorship' rows for apple, blackboard etc.
James Farmer
Next week is pretty good (have tow meetings this morning... saturday!)
Chris Betcher: 09:59:06
busy guy ;-)
James Farmer
Nuts... I reckon k12online is a great effort though and we'd love to
propel you forward bigtime
Chris Betcher: 09:59:46
we'd like that too... win/win
James Farmer
Better run, landline call coming in...
Chris Betcher: 09:59:52
ok thanks mate
James Farmer
James Farmer