Times adjusted as per the wiki Meeting pages. Moved from Thurs/Fri to Fri/Sat.

AGENDA (Tentative)

  1. Goals & Outcomes of PR Committee
  2. Future Meeting Dates, Times & Platforms
  3. Use of the K12Online-PR wiki for generation of ideas and materials
  4. Discuss creation of printable publication materials (Sheryl)
  5. Develop a publicity statement or two that people can lift from us and use.
  6. Develop a list of contacts
  7. Discuss a "K12 Online Conference" Promotion Day (similar to Blog Day) to enlist the power of the network

Discussion of promotional ideas.
  • Use of YouTube, Blogs, Twitter, Mailing lists. Enlist the help of others to help spread the word.
  • Creation of a flyer to be circulated in schools.
  • Division of labour so we don't all trip over each other in approaching various lists and groups.
  • Podcast on VSR, Smartboard, etc
  • How to get global reach, as well as the US.
  • How to promote to non-techno savvy teachers? Professional organisations, etc... English teachers, Science teachers, etc
  • Creation of take home CD, disk image of "best of" sections from the last years presentations.
  • Start a meme and circulate it, similar to Blog Day
  • Past participants promotional video mash up
  • "Take my hand" project
  • Approach traditional media outlets, New York Times Education supplement, etc
To-do list
  • Sheryl to get flyers designed, draft by next week.
  • Chris to arrange podcast
  • Chris to get press release reviewed by GF.
  • John to Twitter, YouTube.
  • Brian and Chris to craft message
  • Sheryl to create list of journals, forums, etc
  • Chris to create a list of Australian journals and forums
  • Brian and Carolyn to arrange timeline of events
  • Conference promotion day possibly October 2 or 3
  • Chris to contact James Farmer re Edublogs promotion